Monday, March 24, 2008

Iraq Killing feild

* Partial list of 345 Iraqi academics murdered under US occupation (updated 05 March 2008)

* Partial list of 283 Iraqi and 29 non-Iraqi media professionals died under US occupation (updated 27 Feb 2008) - Background articles

* 2,000 Iraqi physicians have been murdered under US occupation.

* Hundreds of legal workers have left the country. At least 210 lawyers and judges killed since the US-led invasion in 2003, in addition to dozens injured in attacks against them.

* Based on studies done by local NGOs, it is probable that at least 15,000 Iraqis have disappeared in the past four years of occupation,” Mukhaled al-A’ani, a spokesman for local Iraqi NGO Human Rights Association (HRA), said.

* Iraq’s child mortality rate has increased by a staggering 150 percent since 1990. Some 122,000 Iraqi children died in 2005 before reaching their fifth birthday. More than half of these deaths were among newborn babies in the first month of life.

* 50,000 Iraqi refugees forced into prostitution (24 June 2007)
There are more than a million Iraqi refugees in Syria, many are women whose husbands or fathers have been killed. Banned from working legally, they have few options outside the sex trade. No one knows how many end up as prostitutes, but Hana Ibrahim, founder of the Iraqi women's group Women's Will, puts the figure at 50,000.

* Years of war, current insecurity take toll on environment. Insecurity and lack of funds prevent cleansing of polluted sites (There are up to 400 polluted sites in Iraq that are serious health hazards to the population and urgently need to be cleaned, according to a specialist in the Iraqi government. But ongoing violence, particularly the targeting of municipal workers, and a lack of funds is hampering clean-up efforts. )

* 8.000.000 Iraqis require immediate emergency aid, with nearly half of the population living in absolute poverty. Up to eight million Iraqis require immediate emergency aid, with nearly half of the population living in "absolute poverty", according to a report by Oxfam and a coalition of Iraqi groups. About four million people are lacking food and "in dire need of different types of humanitarian assistance", said the report, released in Amman on Monday.

"Iraqis are suffering from a growing lack of food, shelter, water and sanitation, health care, education, and employment," said the report, compiled by Oxfam and the NGO Co-ordination Committee in Iraq (NCCI). The report also says two million people within the country are currently displaced, while more than two million are refugees.

* 4.000.000 people are lacking food and in dire need of different types of humanitarian assistance.

* Only 60% of the 4.000.000 people who depend on food assistance have access to rations from the public distribution system, down from 96% in 2004.

* The number of Iraqis without access to adequate water supplies has risen from 50% to 70% since 2003.

* 80% of people in Iraq do not have safe access to effective sanitation.

* Child malnutrition rates have risen from 19% before the US-led invasion in 2003 to 28% currently. (Oxfam report 29 July 2007)

* The war is costing $720 million a day or $500,000 a minute. The money spent on one day of the Iraq war could buy homes for almost 6,500 families or health care for 423,529 children, or could outfit 1.27 million homes with renewable electricity. (AFSC 21 Sep 2007)

* More than 3.000.000 Iraqi refugees and 2.000.000 internally displaced. In Jordan: 700.000-750.000 - In Syria: 1.500.000-2.000.000 - In Egypt: 150.000 - In Iran: 100.000 persons - In Lebanon: 40.000 - In the Gulf States: 200.000 - In Turkey: 10.000 - In the rest of the world: no estimates available. (IRCO 01 July 2007)

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