Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sri lanka

Documentary of Sri lanka war

19 min 50 sec - Oct 12, 2006

Sri Lanka - The Failed Peace

Sri Lanka - The Failed Peace

6 min 38 sec - Oct 30, 2006
- Sri Lanka's 2002 ceasefire is slowly falling apart. An Island famed for its beauty has once again fallen victim to the conflict between the majority Singhalese (Buddhist) and The Tamil Tigers (Hindu). While the muslim stuck in the middle of this bloody war. We offer you a timely retrospective. Since the 2004 Tsunami, peace between the government and Tamil Tigers has been under threat. Disputes over aid have left the island divided. "Parents can't feed their children anymore. The situation is dramatic", complains one islander. After Tamil Tigers cut off drinking water supplies in the north, the army retaliated with bombs and 3000 troops. A new round of violence was triggered and diplomatic efforts to prevent further escalation have so far failed. As Ferial Ashraff of the Ministry of Industry admits: "We've reached a point at which we can't possibly trust each other anymore." Hopes for a peaceful Sri Lanka are fading.