Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where we are now...

Where we are now....let see back to the first post, we are talking about the peace, the meaning of peace and what´s it all about-

1- Peace in the heart, today the whole world in problem because unsatisfied, hate, revenge, jealous, greedy, paranoid, underpreasure and etc, doesnt matter from which side, but it cause distortion either to individual or for a large number of humankind. Even through this, the other living, like the animal also being in suffer. As we see today, human being are keep on developing the new weapon which can caust the number of death in big number, and keep-on do the activity which destroy the nature or even at last will destroy themself. There are big number of human which kill themself or caust other to get kill. There are big number of human which althought their have everthing what they wish in life, but being suffer and caust other to be suffer to. There are big number of human which doesnt care others life and it caust other to be suffer because of their egoistic or selfish. There are big number of.... so where should we start to have or to be in peace?

2- Peace in the surrounding- as someone get born, grow up and get old, the most important is, he or she live in the peace atmospshere. A boy or girls which live in peace atmospshere either inside or outside the house is more easy to grow as a healthy person. Enjoy to choice want their gonna be in future and how will thier life suppose to be. But those who live in the area which war was going on, or the parents which keep on fighting each other is not so easy to enjoy the healthy life or to choice what their gonna be in future. Beside all this distortion atmosphere, it will slowly create a kind of preasure or paranoid mental for those who grow up in it.

3- Peace in the mind, well... the material world seem keep stress on the human mind. In any corner of the world, even in the deep jungle which the atmosphere is tranquality, it doesnt help anything, if the mind itself is in the stress mood. After all, in this year age, what keep rumble human mind? Does all the experience what the human generation being through as we can read in the history book or any other source, bring nothing, or the human being still dont understand well their lesson?

- By understand the real situation and what is really going on, then is fair to speak about the peace, and how to achieve it as everyone in every land wish it...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chechnya- The Dirty War

Islam Chechnya The Dirty War.

48 Min. 14 Sek. - 22.01.2006
Chechnya under the dirty war- "The military conflict in Chechnya has now been dragging on for more than ten years. During this war Moscow has tried every means possible to prevent it being reported in the press. And so all contacts with members of Chechen resistance are considered illegal. " "according to the latest report to the human rights organization "Human Rights Watch", in 2004 1700 disappeared in the republic without trace, and illegal killings became commonplace." The film makers also met with Doku Umarov,vice-premier of the Chechen government in exile, at Chechen rebel base, . "For the Russians this was a great victory, said the films presenter. After enticing Maskhadov with promises to begin negotiations, they killed him. With his death, the last vetiges of faith among the Chechen resistance in the possibility of negotiations disappeared." "In order to preserve Russias influence in Chechnya, President Putin is ready to support Ramzan Kadyrov, a man who, in the view of human rights organizations, bears responsibility for many disappearances of people and illegal killings. It even awarded Kadyrov with Russias highest award the title of Hero of Russia."