Monday, December 24, 2007

One of the last speech- Malcom X

- So before I get involved in anything nowadays, I have to straighten out my own position, which is clear. I am not a racist in any form whatsoever. I don't believe in any form of racism. I don't believe in any form of discrimination or segregation. I believe in Islam. I am a Muslim. And there's nothing wrong with being a Muslim, nothing wrong with the religion of Islam. It just teaches us to believe in Allah as the God. Those of you who are Christians probably believe in the same God, because I think you believe in the God who created the universe. That's the One we believe in, the one who created the universe, the only difference being you call Him God and I -- we call Him Allah. The Jews call him Jehovah. If you could understand Hebrew, you'd probably call him Jehovah too. If you could understand Arabic, you'd probably call him Allah. But since the white man, your "friend," took your language away from you during slavery, the only language you know is his language. You know, your friend's language. So you call for the same God he calls for. When he's putting a rope around your neck, you call for God and he calls for God. And you wonder why the one you call on never answers you.

So that once you realize that I believe in the Supreme Being who created the universe, and believe in him as being one -- I also have been taught in Islam that one God only has one religion, and that religion is called Islam, and all of the prophets who came forth taught that religion -- Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, all of them. And by believing in one God and one religion and all of the prophets, it creates unity. There's no room for argument, no need for us to be arguing with each other.

And the real religion of Islam doesn't teach anyone to judge another human being by the color of his skin. The yardstick that is used by the Muslim to measure another man is not the man's color but the man's deeds, the man's conscious behavior, the man's intentions. And when you use that as a standard of measurement or judgment, you never go wrong.

But when you just judge a man because of the color of his skin, then you're committing a crime, because that's the worst kind of judgment. If you judged him just because he was a Jew, that's not as bad as judging him because he's Black. Because a Jew can hide his religion. He can say he's something else -- and which a lot of them do that, they say they're something else. But the Black man can't hide. When they start indicting us because of our color that means we're indicted before we're born, which is the worst kind of crime that can be committed. The Muslim religion has eliminated all tendencies to judge a man according to the color of his skin, but rather the judgment is based upon his deeds.

- So when I got over there and went to Makkah and saw these people who were blond and blue-eyed and pale-skinned and all those things, I said, "Well!" But I watched them closely. And I noticed that though they were white, and they would call themselves white, there was a difference between them and the white one over here. And that basic difference was this: in Asia or the Arab world or in Africa, where the Muslims are, if you find one who says he's white, all he's doing is using an adjective to describe something that's incidental about him, one of his incidental characteristics; so there's nothing else to it, he's just white.

February 14, 1965 - Malcolm delivered this speech on the very night that his home in New York was firebombed. He was terribly tired and worried, yet he still showed up all the way in Detroit-- this shows his extreme courage and determination. This is probably his last speech outside of New York, and displays his intellect and honesty, as well as his ideas and understanding close to his death.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why We Fight (US)?

Why We Fight

1 hr 38 min 41 sec - Oct 10, 2007
Average rating:   (171 ratings)
Description: WHY WE FIGHT, won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, it is an unflinching look at the anatomy of the American war machine, weaving unforgettable personal stories with commentary by a whos who of military and beltway insiders. Featuring John McCain, William Kristol, Chalmers Johnson, Gore Vidal, Richard Perle and others, WHY WE FIGHT launches a bipartisan inquiry into the workings of the military industrial complex and the rise of the American Empire. Inspired by Dwight Eisenhowers legendary farewell speech (in which he coined the phrase military industrial complex), filmmaker Jarecki (THE TRIALS OF HENRY KISSINGER) surveys the scorched landscape of a half-centurys military adventures, asking how and telling why a nation of, by, and for the people has become the savings-and-loan of a system whose survival depends on a state of constant war. The film moves beyond the headlines of various American military operations to the deeper questions of why why does America fight? What are the forces political, economic, ideological that drive us to fight against an ever-changing enemy? Frank Capra made a series of films during World War II called WHY WE FIGHT that explored Americas reasons for entering the war, Jarecki notes. Today, with our troops engaged in Iraq and elsewhere for reasons far less clear, I think its crucial to ask the questions: Why are we doing what we are doing? What is it doing to others? And what is it doing to us?

Monday, November 12, 2007

George Galloway in Doha

- George Galloway in Doha debate about Iraq.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Apartheid didnt Die

John Pilger - Apartheid didnt Die

51 Min. 4 Sek. - 25.01.2007
- John Pilger was banned from South Africa for his reporting during the apartheid era. On his return thirty years later with Alan Lowery, he describes the extraordinary generosity of a liberated people, but asks who are the true beneficiaries of a democracy - the black majority or the white minority? Won the Gold Award in the category of 'Film & Video Production: Political/International Issues', Worldfest-Flagstaff, 1998; Certificate for Creative Excellence (third place), U.S. International Film & Video Festival, Elmhurst, Illinois, 1999.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

History of war

the history of war

21 Min. 43 Sek. - 15.02.2006
- this documentary explains how wars are created and what is in store for the future of humanity.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bloody history of Communism 1

Back to the history

Dr Abdallah schleifer

25 Min. 18 Sek. - 09.08.2006
-This Video is Not AntiSemitic or Racist. Please Do not Judge without Watching. It is an important Documentary for creating better understanding between different communities. History of Zionism, US support for Israel and AntiArab / Anti Islam Media Coverage. Dr Abdallah schleifer. Abdallah Schleifer, Distinguished Lecturer in Mass Communication and Director of the Adham Center for Television Journalism at AUC, is a veteran journalist who has covered the Middle East for American and Arab media for more than 20 years. Schleifer served as NBC News radio correspondent and TV producer/reporter in the Middle East from 1970 to 1983. Initially based in Beirut, Schleifer was the NBC News Cairo bureau chief from 1974 to 1983.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Somalia State of Need

Somalia State of Need

18 Min. 34 Sek. - 16.01.2007
- IRIN films video on the crisis in Somalia

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sri lanka

Documentary of Sri lanka war

19 min 50 sec - Oct 12, 2006

Sri Lanka - The Failed Peace

Sri Lanka - The Failed Peace

6 min 38 sec - Oct 30, 2006
- Sri Lanka's 2002 ceasefire is slowly falling apart. An Island famed for its beauty has once again fallen victim to the conflict between the majority Singhalese (Buddhist) and The Tamil Tigers (Hindu). While the muslim stuck in the middle of this bloody war. We offer you a timely retrospective. Since the 2004 Tsunami, peace between the government and Tamil Tigers has been under threat. Disputes over aid have left the island divided. "Parents can't feed their children anymore. The situation is dramatic", complains one islander. After Tamil Tigers cut off drinking water supplies in the north, the army retaliated with bombs and 3000 troops. A new round of violence was triggered and diplomatic efforts to prevent further escalation have so far failed. As Ferial Ashraff of the Ministry of Industry admits: "We've reached a point at which we can't possibly trust each other anymore." Hopes for a peaceful Sri Lanka are fading.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Cambodia (Year Zero)

John_Pilger - Cambodia (Year Zero)

52 Min. 5 Sek. - 23.01.2007
-John Pilger vividly reveals the brutality and murderous political ambitions of the Pol Pot / Khmer Rouge totalitarian regime which bought genocide and despair to the people of Cambodia while neighboring countries, including Australia, shamefully ignored the immense human suffering and unspeakable crimes that bloodied this once beautiful country...

Back to the time when it all start to begin. 1969, US start to drop their bomb in the land of gentle people in fear of Veitcong, and in 7.30, April 1975, under the order of President Nixon, 100,000 tone bomb was drop at Cambodia (illegally and secretly), left Cambodia to stone age time. And since that, the real suffer of killing massive number between the Cambodia people start to begin..

Friday, February 09, 2007

Nuclear truth game

Part - 5
Part - 6
Part - 7
Part - 8
Part - 9
Part - 10
Part - 11
Part - 12

John_Pilger - Truth Game

1 Std. 19 Min. 12 Sek. - 23.01.2007
- John Pilger looks at world-wide propaganda surrounding the nuclear arms race. John Pilger's penetrating documentary which looks at world-wide propaganda surrounding the nuclear arms race. When the two American atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, they were code-named 'Fat Man' and 'Little Boy', and President Truman announced after the event: "The experiment has been an overwhelming success." "These", says Pilger, "were words used to describe the awful and horrific carnage of nuclear war. By using reassuring, even soothing language, this new kind of propaganda created acceptable images of war and the illusion that we could live securely with nuclear weapons". Official 'truths' are examined in connection with the bombing of Hiroshima, the build up of arms by Russia and America, the siting of nuclear bases by the US in Britain and Europe, Ministry of Defence statements about the Cruise missile base at Greenham Common, and other US bases, the amount of government money spent on weapons, 'Civil defence' arrangements and a NATO 'limited' nuclear and chemical war exercise in West Germany, which Pilger describes as 'a dry run for the unthinkable'. Many experts give their views, including Paul Warnke who thinks arms reduction is feasible -- 'All we need is the political will to go ahead with it'.

Friday, January 26, 2007

U.S. Foreign Policy?

U.S. Foreign Policy - Secret Wars of the CIA

2 Std. 3 Min. 26 Sek. - 10.08.2006
- The history of the terrorism conducted by the CIA, since the end of the World War II when countries in Asia and Latin America, were trying to make changes to improve their economical and political situation, the Unite States of North America realized that it was not good for their status as new super power; and began a new campaign, with only one rule, Anything Goes. This is the story of the terrorism of the CIA.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

War on Irak العراق

Oil Factor -War on Irak العراق

1 hr 29 min 17 sec - Nov 18, 2006
- The Middle-East holds 70% of the world's oil reserves while North America and Europe will run out of oil in 2010 at their current rate of production. Current technologies might provide alternatives to oil for energy but not to oil for plastics. In the wake of Vice-President Dick Cheney's 2001 Energy Task Force, is it a coincidence if George Bush targeted Iraq in its so called "war-on-terror", a country known to possess the second largest oil reserves in the world? Is it another coincidence if U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Central Asia are based near Central Asian oil and natural gas? Was invading Iraq and Afghanistan really meant to reduce terrorist threats against the United States or was it a ploy to guarantee that the average American can go on for a little while consuming 4 times more energy that the average European or 32 times more energy than the average African? Persian Gulf War, United Nations, U.N., in violation of international law, bombings, illegal...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hamza Yusuf - Doha Debates

Hamza Yusuf - Tackling Extremism - Doha Debates

46 min 9 sec - May 28, 2006
- The issue of how to combat extremism and improve relations between the West and Muslim world was the topic of the second Doha Debates Special on February 28th, 2006. The event was part of the Doha meeting of the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations. Four guest speakers, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Professor John Esposito and Diana Buttu, answered questions from the student audience.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Jenin- Part 2

Jenin Jenin Part 2

27 min 4 sec - Jul 14, 2006
- Iyad Samoudi, the producer of this film,(syahid) get kill by the Isreal soldiers at the end of the filming.

Jenin- Part 1

Jenin Jenin Part 1

26 min 49 sec - Jul 14, 2006
- A Documentary showing the destruction of a town called Jenin in Palestine. The Palestinian people have to endure this Terrorism from the Israeli's. Israeli troops hoped to scare off the people with tanks and bulldozers and bombs, in a attempt to build over the land. The people in Jenin knew this knowing of other towns who have gone through the whole process already decided to stand their ground regardless of living conditions so that they do not lose their land.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Terror Storm (Alex Jones)

TerrorStorm Deluxe High Quality (Alex Jones)

1 hr 52 min 45 sec - Jul 27, 2006
Average rating: (7430 ratings)
- From the great mind that brought you documentaries such as "Martial Law 9/11: The Rise of the Police State" and "Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove" comes a new movie to awaken the masses. TerrorStorm goes into documented cases of government-sponsored terror before exposing the 7/7 bombings as an orchestrated event and brings another update on the current state of the 9/11 Truth Movement.