Friday, July 20, 2012

The dark side of Globalization

- Many people have suffered from globalization but they clearly aren't the only species. Surprisingly, the environments in developing counties have been negatively affected as well. Many companies use toxic chemicals during production, these are later often dumped into nearby rivers as there are as foreign corporations do not apply standard procedures to developing countries. The result of this is polluted water, dead plants and animals.

- Besides from exploiting countries and making health literally worse, globalization is viewed by many as a threat to the world's cultural diversity. It is said to drown out local economies, traditions and languages and re-casting the whole world in the mould of the capitalist North and West.

- Its is clear that globalization clearly operates in the interests of the richest countries which continue to dominate world trade and at the expense of developing countries, whose role in the world market is mostly to provide cheap labor and raw materials. The fact is that globalization will never stop and while people say it is beneficial, it is also being unfair to poor countries. Perhaps it is best that richer countries reconsider many of their selfish actions and instead of just taking for poorer countries, they should try to help out and give.

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