Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not seen on TV

By the end you should know about:

-how dangerous white phosphorus & Depleted Uranium dropped on Iraq is.
-the link between BAE systems, Lockhead Martin and Rolls Royce.
-The CIAs involvement on the killing of at least 3 presidents who werent US allies: Mossadegh, Allende and Lumumba.
-Who opposes the US apart from the Muslims?
-Who is Jeremiah Wright and Ali Abunimah
-Who really owns Obama and what is Aipac.
-Barclays the largest investor in Global arms has £7.3 billion in shares and is amonsgst the top 10 largest investor in US arms companies.
-HSBC holds shares worth £450 million and has loaned £27 Billion to the industry.
-Lloyds holds shares worth £717 Million and serves as principle banker to BAE Systems.
-Aviva, AXA, Standard life and many other well known companies invest in the arms trade.
- Rolls Royce is also the 17th Largest Arms Manufacturer in the world. Rolls Royce is the 2nd Largest Manufacturer of Aerospace Engines powering approximately 25% of the world's military aircraft and has its equipment installed on over 2,200 warships including all of the UK's nuclear submarines.

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