Monday, February 07, 2011

Saudi royal family corruption

Saudi King Abdullah said, he support Egyptian president Mubarak and called the protesters troublemakers for calling for freedom of expression: Saudi King Abdullah has expressed his support for embattled President Hosni Mubarak and slammed those "tampering" with Egypt's security and stability, state news agency SPA reported on Saturday.

The Saudi ruler, in Morocco recovering from back surgery performed in the United States, telephoned Mubarak early Saturday, the report said.

During the conversation, Abdullah condemned "intruders" he said were "tampering with Egypt's security and stability ... in the name of freedom of expression."

- This statement from Saudi ruler is seem came from the fear that Saudi might be next to face the revolt movement which now have shake the Arab world. Flush with petrodollars, the world’s top oil exporter can splash out to alleviate any social tensions due to unemployment, as around 10 percent of the Saudi work force is jobless.

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