Thursday, September 02, 2010

Communist terrorize Malaya 1948

After World War II the Federation of Malaya was formed through the unification of several former British territories, including Sabah and Sarawak. The negotiations included special guarantees of rights for Malays (including the position of Sultans) and the establishment of a colonial government. These developments angered the PKM/MCP (Malayan Communist Party) , an organization that was composed largely of Chinese members and was committed to an independent, communist Malaya.

The communist party, which had been armed and air supplied by the British during the World War II againts Japan, began a guerrilla insurgency, and on June 18, 1948, emerged from the jungle and under Chin Peng, began their terror campaign to take over the country by force. Thus an intense jungle war began, fought by the British, British Commonwealth and Malay forces against the MCP and on 16 June, they declared a state of emergency after three European planters were murdered by Communists in Perak state. In the two weeks following, hundreds of MCP members were arrested, and the party was declared illegal on 23 July.

In 31 August 1957, Malaya was granted independence from British colonial rule. With independence, the country became a centralised Federation with a Constitutional Monarchy. Each state had its own fully elected State Assembly, its government chosen from the party which had a majority of elected members in the Asssembly. Mean time, during this period, the MCP keep terrorize Malaysia people by engaged in intimidation, including assassination of civilians. Only till Dezember 1989 the MCP finally laid down its arms to Malaysia and Thailand government at Southern Thailand.

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