Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pakistan's delicate balancing act

Part - 2

U.S. actions in Afghanistan since 2001 have amplified the debilitating spillover effects of the Afghan war on Pakistan. As now too, Barack Obama's Afghanistan strategy have affect neighbouring Pakistan.

In Afghanistan, Obama has put more than doubled the US military forces from 32,000 to 68,000. In the first week of July his military commanders launched the biggest single military offensive in decades in the southern Afghan province of Helmand to displace indigenous resistance and governance. But still the war is going on there.

In Pakistan, the Obama-Clinton-Holbrooke regime successfully put maximum pressure on their newly installed client Zardari to launch a massive military offensive and rollback the long-standing influence of Islamic resistance forces in the Northwest frontier regions, while US drones and Special Forces commandoes routinely bomb and assault villages and local Pashtun leaders suspected of supporting the resistance.

Since that, more bombing are happening with killing or injured massive number of civilian, beside damaging property and this act is seem getting spread to many other city in Pakistan.

Are US is responsible or maybe behind bomb blasts in Pakistan? One thing is sure, that Us strategy in Afghan have effect on Pakistan.

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